There are a number of crises bubbling up, whether that's economic, social, environmental, educational or even more personal crises like how do we make sense and find meaning in the world.

We believe that all of these crises are happening simultaneously (in part) because the world is becoming more and more complex and that complexity is driven by a rapidly changing world.

From technology to culture the world is changing so quickly that it can feel impossible to make sense of. And we believe it's only going to get more complex in the years ahead, which means more change, more uncertainty and a lot more to make sense of.

So what if there was a space to explore, discuss and contemplate freely this ever-changing environment and to figure out how to navigate it effectively? Well, that's what this podcast is all about.

This series is an unfolding dialogue between Matt & Andy across multiple episodes. Discussing what may have crossed your mind as well. How did we get here? What led us to this moment? What are the forces at play that shape and influence us now? And where are we going as a society? What are we aiming towards?

We believe it's by taking a Meta-Perspective and looking beyond and above this moment in time to examine these questions that we can find clarity and begin to see the bigger picture.

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