A Moment Unfolding | Episode 1

A whirlwind tour across many of the topics and themes that we will be discussing over the course of this podcast, starting off by looking at how the pandemic has accelerated and surfaced a lot of the trends and ideas that are in our rapidly changing world today and ending with some of the things it might be lacking or even calling out for.
This conversation was recorded on September 11th 2020 where this journey begins. The genesis of this show began with Matt & Andy wanting to figure out what underlies our current moment and explore it together. We start there. Dive into this episode and see what emerges.

  • Black swan, covid and the rise of technology (03:16)
  • Stepping off the hamster wheel to find meaning (6:50)
  • Why we should dig into specific topics like remote work (11:55)
  • Living in a world of rapidly increasing uncertainty (16:15)
  • Understanding your place in the arc of history (21:49)
  • The agent and the arena (25:51)
  • The unintended, unforeseen consequences of technology (34:17
  • Centralisation vs decentralisation in a complex adaptive world (43:46)
  • Industrial worldview, information age and philosophical perspectives (47:56)
  • Epistemic humility and the dialectic (56:29)
  • Transforming information to knowledge to wisdom (01:02:56)
  • Beauty, re-enchantment and wonder (01:09:02)
  • Concluding with emergence (01:15:50)

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