Legacy Mindsets | Episode 3

Looking into the ways of thinking and perceiving the world from the past that still influence us today, focusing specifically on the effects of industrialisation, the thinking that accompanied it and the legacies that it's left on our arena.
Building from Episode 2's exploration into the Agent and Arena relationship. This time round we focus in on the Arena looking at the forces that have influenced and continue to influence it today. It's useful to think of this episode and having two parts to it that are connected by the theme - legacy mindsets - the ways of thinking and perceiving the world that we carry with us from the past. 

Date recorded
Oct 29th 2020


Part 1 
  • Previous episode recap (02:27)
  • Why play a role in the arena? (06:44)
  • Extracting ourselves out of our previous arenas (10:05)
  • The consequences of the industrial arena (12:19)
  • Metricization, education and Tolkein’s mythology (22:47)
  • The education system and industrial thinking (26:29
  • Preparing for a radically different world (31:54)
  • Imagination, the mechanisation of war and the importance of storytelling (35:01)
  • Unintended consequences of the arena and the importance of play in learning (40:03)
  • Play, imagination and creativity and their importance in the emerging arena (43:58)
Part 2 
  • The evolution of the industrial arena (48:56
  • Automation, meaning in work and why metricisation has been so effective (53:51
  • The tyranny of metrics, the sclerosis of bureaucracy (56:47)
  • The end game of metrics. Moving towards values as organising principles (01:05:38)
  • Industrial thinking vs holding a multi-perspectival view during COVID (01:16:59)
  • Sensing and responding to change (01:21:31)
  • Anti-fragility and moving beyond event-based transactions (01:24:05)
  • The current institutional framing for seeing agents (01:29:21)
  • Autonomy, sovereignty and participation (01:32:55)
  • Questions to ask ourselves from the conversation (01:36:36)
Question to ponder over
  • What are some of the other ways of thinking and perceiving the world that we carry with us from the past that shape our world today?
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