Sense of Self | Episode 4

How is the world we're in shaping the way we see ourselves and our identity and how do we find a sense of meaning and purpose within it? Join us as we explore how we might be able to strengthen our agency and our sovereignty within the moment in which we all find ourselves.
Knowing ourselves is a key component of navigating complexity and uncertainty. In this episode we dive into the psychological aspects of being in an ever shifting, rapidly changing world and the effects that has on us and on our sense of self. 

Date Recorded
Nov 12th 2020

  • Alienation and the good life (3:58)
  • Hume’s is/ought distinction, human needs and values (8:11)
  • Using mechanical and informational metaphors in sense-making (12:07)
  • Sense-making coupled to our environment and interior lives (15:21)
  • Barfield, original participation and the categorisation of reality (22:44)
  • Identity and atomisation in large complex societies (26:28)
  • Human brain tuning into context it finds itself in (29:49)
  • Dynamic coupling and maladaption in the arena (31:32)
  • Intergenerational technological experiences (35:12)
  • Disconnect from the digital arena - Giving up a smartphone for 30 days (39:59)
  • Attention, AI, Limbic system (43:14)
  • Self-knowledge and identity through hardship (47:56
  • Tempering our swords, forest fires and internal validation (56:21
  • Nurturing your inner self, order, chaos, complexity and overwhelm (59:11
  • Using informational metaphors for navigating the new arena (01:05:21)
  • The consequences of the collective action of multiple institutions (01:08:51)
  • Machine learning and AI as part of the Information age (01:11:54)
  • Importance of individual participation in the arena (01:17:13)
  • Digital market forces and the infrastructure of the commons (01:19:03)
  • Decentralisation as a fail safe (01:21:58)
  • Could there be a new model for the informational commons? (01:24:05)
  • Recursive AI, institutional philosophy and discovering our values (01:25:58)
  • The plurality of ideas and participation (01:29:19)
  • The golden rule and foundational principles of the human condition (01:32:17)
  • The relay race of humanity (01:35:13)
Questions to ponder over
  • What are some of the things in our lives that we might be maladapting to? 
  • Are we looking externally for identity and validation rather than cultivating within us a rich inner life?
  • Are we struggling to see ourselves in the things that we’re building around us? 
  • Do we need to become more aware of what it takes to live well in order to not find ourselves living lives shaped by the interests of increasingly sophisticated forces operating in the arenas we inhabit?
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