Where we're at | Interlude

A short update and a reflection on where we've gotten to so far on the journey.
A different type of episode from the norm, this is a short intervening passage between the first 5 episodes that we’ve released so far and future episodes to come. We recorded the first 5 episodes of the show in 2020, now we’re starting to record the next episodes and seeing where the journey takes us. In the meantime we’ve put together this interlude with a series recap of where we’ve gotten to so far along with some clues as to what to expect in the next episode.

  • What’s different about this episode? (00:23)
  • Why do an interlude? (01:51)
  • What is there to do in the meantime? (02:10)
  • A recap of the show so far (03:27)
  • What’s next? (06:23)

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