The Cultural Network | Episode 7

What is a cultural network? In this episode we dive into how the exponential rise of technology is influencing culture, looking at how it shapes us and how we in turn are shaping it.

Date of Recording
Original conversation recorded June 1st 2021

  • Last episode recap (01:32)
  • Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance - a portal into the network (03:45)
  • Culture is meaning in action (09:57)
  • Technology accelerating shallowness, disconnection from reality, 50 years on from Zen (12:53
  • Participation: outside vs inside the world, hyper connectivity to each other overwhelming tribal circuitry (16:28
  • ‘Newness’, technology and the dissolution of home and belonging (20:28)
  • The paradoxical nature of technology  (23:23)
  • The decline of real-world friendship (26:38)
  • Technology driving the uncoupling of the agent to the arena (29:19)
  • Losing your centre of gravity (sense of self) in the digital world (31:50)
  • Participation & dynamic coupling in cultural network (35:55
  • Andy in a pre-internet world (41:55
  • Culture shaping the world in which we inhabit (48:17)
  • Holding multiple perspectives with technology (51:24)
  • Cognition as participatory (01:09:24)
  • Setting up distributed cognition groups (01:20:21)
  • Channel deepening through dialogue  (01:23:24)
  • Wrap up (01:27:49)
  • Outro (01:33:33)
Questions to ponder over
  • How do we strengthen ourselves and therefore strengthen the network? 
  • How do we participate in that cultural network? 
  • How do we make ourselves more agentic, make ourselves more full of self-efficacy and resilience so that when we participate in the arena, we are contributing to that cultural network in a way that edifies it, and doesn't corrupt it?
  • How do we concentrate on what's best rather than what's new? 
  • What are the values that help us to orientate ourselves in a world that seems to be continually becoming more and more confusing and complex and difficult to navigate?
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